Tiit Veermäe
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Golden Leg Tower

I am an old Danish-era tower. I was probably constructed here as one of the important corner towers of the city’s west wall between 1311 and 1320.

In the oldest times, I was called the “Nun’s Court Tower”, but was also known as “the Tower with the Bad Roof”. I used to have an open wall toward the city, like the Maiden Tower still does. In 1422

when the city took the defensive wall away from the convent, I was renovated to be taller and stronger. In 1422, after a huge fire had dev- astated Reval in the previous spring, I came to be known as Golden Leg Tower (de Guldene Voet).

Overall I am a very well-preserved tower, in spite of the fact that some hooligans have set some fires inside here a few times. Besides the name Golden Leg, I have also been called the Hometown Tower – I am used as a showcase, lecture hall, and concert space for the Hometown movement, led by the meritorious Tiina Mägi. The Kuldjala (Goldfoot) choral association also performs here.

The concave niche in the lower part of the tower’s wall is a special and distinctive spot, where people love to take pictures of themselves. It’s also thought that secret ceremonies are occasionally held here.

Construction history. Built in 1311, renovated in 1370–1372, after 1422 and probably in the 1610s, when the Golden Leg Tower finally reached a height of 22.5 metres. The tower’s diameter is approx. 10 m.