Tiit Veermäe
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Hellemann Tower

I’m the youngest of these neighbouring towers – Tower behind Monks and the oncemighty Viru Gate Complex, of which only a couple foregate towers remain, are a good half-century older.

When I was first mentioned in writing, it was as Hollemann Tower, but after that as Helleman Tower. Beneath my three storeys is a unique, inaccessible lower room – probably to repel moisture. Due to the poor ground and a substandard foundation, I became crooked and sagged along with my connecting wall by an entire metre. In the 1960’s I was given supports; here in the walkway of nearby Müürivahe Street where the old ladies sell their sweaters and mittens, one can see the large concrete support pillars. They are a bit unsightly, but I’m used to them because they get the job done. In the 1980’s I was connected to the Cinema Association

building on the other side of the wall from me on Uus Street. At the same time, the Polish built a defensive pas- sage from here toward Viru Gate, which was extended in the opposite direction about a dozen years ago – so now, one can get from here at Helleman Tower straight to the Tower behind Monks.

A little more than 10 years ago I also got a new spiral staircase installed inside, making it much easier to move up and down and shuttle back and forth along to 200 m passage toward Viru and back.

Construction history. Built at the beginning of the 15th century.