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Nun’s Tower

I am very old, a tower built way back in the 14th century, although my name was lost in the Middle Ages. Later, in 1738, I was named Cyster-Thurm or Nun’s Tower.

At first, I was partially a turret – I didn’t reach the ground on the side of the wall that faced the nearby convent. I have been rebuilt several times. Today the side facing town has an interesting acutely-rounded niche. But two towers over, Golden Leg Tower has an obtusely rounded niche.

After my defensive purpose became redundant, I was used for storing gunpowder and foodstuffs. Between 1958 and 1960, rebar concrete steps were built in my lower part, which lead to the wooden defence walkways and the monastery wall parapet complex restored by Wilhelm Neumann. From here one can also walk through Sauna Tower to Golden Leg Tower.