Tiit Veermäe
Before After

Pilsticker Tower And Stairs

I am the “arrowsharpener”, as I was called in old low German. I was built as the third watchtower of the mighty Order fortress after Tall Hermann and Stür den Kerl.

My type of tower is an overhanging wall-mounted turret called a bartizan – or to use a more lofty name – an échauguette. From my example, other similar towers at the Paide Order fortress and the Padise monastery were built. I was given the location of the north- west corner of the outer wall so that I could keep an eye on enemies approaching from the north and the west. The new line of the Order fortress’ outer wall had just been finished, in the place where it still runs today – high upon the edge of the city’s limestone cliffs. Under the cliffs, a deep and wide moat was dug to keep enemies away. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that a more friendly view was taken towards those who wished to approach the fortress, and steps were built from the foot of the wall up to the Toom- pea scenic platform, much to the joy of those who liked to stroll through the town. Nowadays as a tower, I am more of a deco- ration and something pleasant to look at. More than a century ago my top was redesigned to be even more attractive. Even so, as an “arrow sharpener”, I do my best to make sure that the members of Parliament and other government officials have plenty of sharp pencils.

Construction history. Built at the beginning of the 15th century, damaged in battle in the mid-16th century, upper portion altered during restoration in the 19th century.