Tiit Veermäe
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Tower Behind Nuns

I am a small turret, or to use a slightly fancier word, a console tower, which similarly to other defensive structures of my type, like Stable Tower or my almost-neighbour, Sauna Tower, looks like I was set right down on the wall.

Ilook especially tiny next to my mighty neighbour Loewen- schede, but even next to my other neighbour, Golden Leg Tower. By the way, I was also constructed under the direction of master Louenschede at some point in the early 1370s.

Most of the city’s towers get their names from a person or location, and so do I. I was first called the “Tower Behind
the Nuns” (Arkel ageter den Susteren), since I stood in the courtyard behind St Michael’s Monastery. It was probably with money collected by the nuns that I was built in the first place. And of course, for the defence of those Cistercian nuns and not so that I could peek in on the activities of those virtuous brides of Christ.

To get a picture of my good side, the view from the Towers’ Square is best, which is the most convenient place to view me anyway. Everyone likes my lovely round arches, which join the three consoles which support me on the wall.

Construction history. The initial tower built between 1372– 1374 was only 2 metres higher than the city wall, measuring 10 metres from its base. Over the course of the renovations, it increased in height to 20 m. Its diameter – only 3.2 m.